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Welcome to Boltem - The company is a worldwide manufacturer`s Representative dedicated to promoting the sales of special steel, electrolytic metals and ferroalloys to general customers and OEMs in Peru and Latam (Latino America) . The company started operrations in 1994, and continues giving professional customer support and service.

Corporate Team
Martin Barco
Jose Barco

Jr. Mcal. Luzuriaga 129 - Of 302
P.O.Box 11-016
Lima 11, Peru

Tel 51-1-4337221
Fax 51-1-3327749
Email: admin@boltem.com

  • admin@boltem.com
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  • 51-1-4337221
  • 51-1-3327749
  • Mariscal Luzuriaga 129 - Of 302 Jesus Maria, Lima Peru
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